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Tom Hiddleston ruined my life

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No, but how sweet is it that during Harry’s first week at Hogwarts Hagrid sent along a note with Hedwig to invite Harry to tea rather than asking him in person so Harry didn’t feel left out and actually got some mail


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HBO developing Ridley Scott series about ancient aliens in Egypt

Ahahahaha white people weren’t involved so it MUST be aliens god i’m so sick of white men 

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"Mean Girls" Rant


It’s suddenly striking me how weird it is that the entire impetus for the plot of Mean Girls is… homophobia? lesbophobia? 

The thing Janis hates Regina for — what motivates her to contrive to “ruin [Regina’s] life” — is that Regina started a rumor that she, Janis, was a lesbian.
Not just that her one-time best friend started [a nasty rumor] about her.
Not that her one-time best friend outed her.
But that the [nasty, false rumor] was that she was a lesbian.

And then that keeps being a thing she’s insecure about for the rest of her adolescence.
All her friends at school stop talking to her, presumably because they think she’s a lesbian. It’s so bad that she has to drop out of school.
In high school, she doesn’t want Cady to even know about the lesbian rumor, because it’s so awful for people to think you might be a lesbian, right?

Her best friend is openly gay, but the possibility of anyone even thinking she might be a lesbian is socially unacceptable.

But no one says anything about that. No one questions it.
No one’s like, “Why are you so mad that people might think you’re a lesbian? Isn’t your best friend gay? Why would people like you less because you’re a lesbian?”
How weird is that?
Then at the end, she ends up with a dude. Like, wouldn’t it have been better if she turned out to actually be a lesbian who felt betrayed by being outed by a person she thought was her friend? What if the problem wasn’t “fear of being a lesbian,” but rather “fear of being hurt by people you trust?”

The movie is so uncritical of the perspective that being a lesbian is the worst thing that can happen to a preteen/teen girl. Like, we’re supposed to just accept that having people think you’re a lesbian is worth ruining lives over.
I’m so uncomfortable with this right now.

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I’m so angry that the sex-pos movement is encouraging women - who already experience internalised misogyny and learned submission - to celebrate sexualised inequality and to embrace their internalisation of female sexual masochism as “empowerment.” It’s so manipulative and scary and disgusting. And men are fucking loving it.

And how could a woman or girl say “no” to such a movement that portrays itself as “Feminist”,”Pro-Woman”,and “Empowerment”? If it seems as though it helps all womankind, it couldn’t possibly bad…you wouldn’t want to be a tool of your own oppression by rejecting Sex Positivity, would you?

I have a family friend who’s a pharmacist and she was telling me that she gets young, teenage girls (14-18) coming in DAILY for STI and STD medication. It’s all well and good to tell girls to celebrate their sexuality but you CANNOT do this without proper education. She also had a man in his early 20s come in for the SECOND time for chlamydia treatment. When she asked him why he wasn’t being safe, he laughed and said it didn’t bother him. This man was infecting the women he was sleeping with and didn’t care. Once again I would like to rephrase something I read in an article on feminism. Men DO NOT care if you reclaim sex, as long as they’re still getting laid with no consequences. Clearly this man was not showing any signs of chlamydia and it didn’t bother him. But it WAS a problem for all the teenage girls coming in with no knowledge about safe sex who are continually being infected because of a feminist movement that isn’t reaching out to them to provide information.

Additionally, feminism should be about a women’s right to choice and the sex positive movement is extremely excluding of women who decide they want to remain celibate for any reason, or women who are religious. Feminism CAN work in conjunction with religion but that’s another discussion. 

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tiny ginny weasley, growing up with six brothers, deathly afraid of being branded “girly”, because “girly” from the sneering mouths of fred and george meant weak, inadequate, pathetic

ginny weasley at eight years old, sick of her hair flowing down to her bottom, sick of tying it into plaits and pigtails, grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping it all off with messy hacks - then molly was gasping, snatching the scissors from her grasp, yelling at her and mourning her “beautiful, beautiful” hair

ginny weasley at twelve years old, fresh from the horrors of her first year and accepting her dorm-mate’s mascara. after everything that happened, she’s trying to make friends, and her dorm-mates are trying too. so she takes the mascara wand and, for the first time, applies it. it’s clumpy and uneven but her dorm-mates help her perfect it - it’s girly and feminine and against everything she’s ever stood for, against the reputation she had built at the burrow, but she kind of likes the dark weight on her eyelashes

ginny weasley slowly recognising and destroying her internalised misogyny as she progresses through hogwarts - ginny weasley embracing makeup and quidditch in equal measures, ginny weasley burping the alphabet and squeezing into the tiniest of skirts, ginny weasley being stark and cold and fearsome as well as giggly and sweet and flirty. ginny weasley standing up for the tomboys of hogwarts as well as the girliest of girls. don’t fuck with girl-power ginny weasley or you’ll be bat-bogey hexed into next week.

hell. yes.

ginny weasley also realising that the best friendships are ladyfriendships and that society promotes this idea that there can only be One Supreme Girl and all the others must fight with each other for male attention and realising that being brainwashed into believing this is not her fault but also doesn’t make the way she treated fleur any less shitty

but then her apologising to fleur and the two of them becoming best friends/sisters-in-law/queens of everything who swap beauty tips and complex spells, and who shop for clothes and shoes and make up in the morning then go home and spend the afternoon in garden playing quidditch and beating the boys

ginny teaching fleur the bat-bogey hex and fleur teaching ginny all these super interesting french spells she’s never considered before then them both searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick because i will never ever ever ever ever tire of female characters who are feminine and girly and won’t apologise for it whilst still being capable and clever and strong and fierce and loyal

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