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Tom Hiddleston ruined my life

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electric eels are not technically “eels.” king cobras are not technically “cobras.” peacock mantis shrimps are not technically “peacocks,” or “mantises,” or “shrimps.” horny toads are not technically “toads.” my dad was not technically “there for me” or a “father figure” 

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Fat women are expected to dress in ways that are ostensibly minimizing but that, in reality, are really about us occupying less visual real estate. No bold colors, no stripes, nothing that would ever make us look bigger. It’s not that some of those rules are genuinely about looking slimmer – it’s that we draw less attention to ourselves when we comply with fashion rules. We occupy less space, metaphorically if not physically. We minimize ourselves for the comfort of other people.
Marianne Kirby at The Rotund, I Spy With My Fat Eye; On Seeing And Being Seen (via queerfatfemme)

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I know you all want me to say Sherlock, but it really isn’t! I’d have to say Christopher Teitjens, he is the most caring person, I wish I was more like him!
Benedict Cumberbatch on the character he’s found the most compelling to play (Oz ComicCon, Sydney)

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Tree Climbing Goats

Goats climb trees. It might be unbelievable to some, but it’s absolutely true. In several locations around the world, goats are climbing trees just as well as other goats can climb mountains. To witness this phenomena, one area that features the tree climbing goats is along the western edge of Morocco near Essaouira.

Tamri goats climb trees in search of food, which is otherwise sparse in the region. This is an amazing feat considering they are hoofed animals. They specifically climb Argan trees to feed on their nuts and leaves. The Argan nuts the goats consume are used to make an oil which is highly prized in Morocoo. 

In order to make the oil, the goats’ droppings are collected by the locals as it contains the kernels of the seeds of the nut. The droppings are then pressed and ground into oil. Even more disturbingly is that this oil has a number of uses including culinary and cosmetic. For a quarter-liter bottle of this goat digested kernel oil, you can expect to pay from $15 to $50. 

Known as skilled navigators of treacherous mountain conditions, maybe it isn’t such a surprise to find goats making their way up the steep and narrow trunks and branches of only slightly more dangerous trees. Unfortunately, the Argan tree is slowly being over-harvested as so many other resources are on our planet.

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Filed under the argan tree is being subjected to the same thing as quinoa it's being overharvested because of a western obsession